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Your Facebook Business Page Will Look Different VERY Soon

Newly Designed Facebook Business Pages

If you've had a web presence for longer than 6 months, you've no doubt noticed that things change, a lot! They're not always big changes, but many small changes can easily equal a large change. It's best to plan for this as much as possible in your inbound marketing strategy. Simply expect to see surprised changes coming and they won't be as rattling to your work flow.

Facebook announced yesterday that Facebook business pages are getting a redesign in the next week or so. The biggest change from a visual standpoint is that they will appear much more like a personal profile page now, shedding the 2nd column and unifying business page posts in a singular list. This makes it easier to ensure your images look correct in all places that they may be seen (posts, shares, etc...), a big plus!

Missing A Column And What Else?

It's really not clear what the new layout has done with custom tabs that currently show as boxes under your banner picture like so:

Old Custom Tab Boxes on FacebookSome online discussions have pointed to them possibly being listed in the "More" menu to the right of 'Videos' in the above shot. If that's the case, the time and money investment in using custom tabs is in serious question going forward because of how buried they will be.

New Admin Feature - "Pages to Watch"

In my post the other day I focused on the importance of listening in your inbound marketing strategy. A new feature for admins called "Pages to Watch", is coming with the new business page layout. The feature, as the name hints at, is designed to allow Page admins to setup a list of other pages (competitors, clients, etc...) to see how engagement and LIKES have been for those pages over the past week. If you notice great performance, you might want to model and improve upon a tactic that the page employed. Here's a quick look at the new feature:

New Pages To Watch Facebook Feature


Sick Of The Changes In Social Media?

If you are bouncing your head of your keyboard right now because of this announcement, I do apologize and ask that you not take it out on your poor, neglected keyboard. Change can be a pain, but it can also yield more opportunity and a better experience for your Facebook fans. If you're looking for some help in managing your social media marketing, we'd love to chat and see if we can help! Give us a shout!