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Why Do Your Clients/Customers Buy From You?


Reason 1:______________________________

Reason 2:______________________________

Reason 3:______________________________

If I had to guess I'd say you listed things like your level of service, your history of quality and reliability and your willingness to do whatever it takes to make your clients/customers fully satisfied. Those are all good reasons for someone to do business with you. Are those things that all of your new prospects know when they are looking for your product or service? In some cases a referral may provide those insights, but those aren't the prospects I'm talking about.

Do the new clients you work with that have found your offering on their own know about these things? No. Most do not. Your website, advertisements and print collateral may try to convey those messages, but let's be honest. These new prospects only made a connection with you for 1 reason:


That's right. Initially, they weren't at all concerned with your level of service, quality or willingness to make them happy. They were hopeful that you had a solution to a problem that they have.

Apply This Knowledge To Your Website

If your goal is to generate new leads/prospects/clients through your website, then your website, it's search engine optimization, and overall inbound strategy should be largely focused around the problems that you solve. Your prospects aren't going to Google "widgets with highest level of service" in their research for a solution to their problems. Do you? Probably not.

Think about the problems you help solve or the goals you help achieve for your clients. It will lead to a treasure trove of topics to write about in your content marketing strategy, calls to actions for your website, and themes for ads in your PPC campaigns.