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    A MUST READ About Digital Marketing Strategy

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    The Marketing Stack

    This morning I came across a lengthy article that I would categorize as a MUST READ for any small business or organization with a website and a desire to have your web presence produce results for you. The article, which is a borderline manifesto entitle, 'One Trick Ponies Get Shot And other stories: Digital marketing strategy done right', speaks at length about what a true digital marketing strategy is, and is not. It speaks to many marketing fundamentals that a lot of small businesses just don't know. I would go so far as to say many medium sized businesses don't know these fundamentals. At least that has been our experience.

    8 Properties of a GOOD Marketing Strategy

    This section hits on what so many businesses miss with their website redesign or implementation of the various web marketing tactics, overarching business objectives.

    The Marketing Stack: Organizing Your Strategy

    This section does a great job of "chunking" marketing in general. It abstracts the minutia of all of the tactics that go into your strategy.

    So Much More

    I highly recommend any smb marketer or owner read through this in it's entirety. Very well done!

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