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4 Great Web Marketing Resources This Week - Curated Goodness

Currated Goodness By p80

There are a ton of excellent web marketing resources online for succeeding as a web marketer. Here are 4 great reads I found this week:

How To Write A Tweet: 8 Formulas To Get You Started

This great post by Diana Urban, Director of Conversion Marketing at HubSpot, is a great "getting started" resource for small businesses. I know many of the SMBs that we meet know very little about Twitter and very rarely use it. That's unfortunate because it's often a much better platform for B2B companies than Facebook. Give it a read and start using Twitter more effectively.

Why Your Business Needs A Google+ Page Too

This post was a guest post on the always valuable Duct Tape Marketing Blog, by Diana Gomez (Diana's were great resources this week :)). In it, Diana discusses how Google designed Google+ Pages in part so that business owners can maximize Google's features for their own business purposes. Diana also gives tips on setting up your company page, getting listed professionally on Google Maps through Google+, and how to use Hastags to start conversations. It's a must read! Especially for all of you business owners that keep saying Facebook doesn't work for your business!!

60 Marketing Acronyms Every Industry Pro Should Know

While Hubspot's title would lead you to believe this is only for marketing professionals, I would argue that this is a great resource for solopreneurs and folks at small businesses that have been tasked with working with a vendor to implement a web marketing strategy. This blog post by Lindsay Kolowich at HubSpot will get you up to speed with all of the marketing lingo you need to have an intelligent conversation with your web marketing vendor.

100+ Questions You Must Ask When Developing A Web Site

This very comprehensive list is a must read for marketers AND small businesses that are getting ready to start a website development or web marketing project. Written by Stoney deGeyter, this article touches on many important aspects of a web marketing project. Specifically, I love the way deGeyter places the emphasis on marketing as the primary driver of a web marketing project, versus the technical aspect. Many small businesses mix that up and spend too much time worrying about the technical aspect, and not enough on the marketing impact. Stoney also outlines a great list of questions to define the true scope of work to be done. Scope creep is a common problem with any web project, so this will help make sure everyone is on the same page with what needs done.