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    3 Great Web Marketing Resources This Week – Curated Goodness

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    Currated Goodness By p80

    Here're some gems I came across this week that I hope you find useful as well! These are some great Web Marketing Resources!

    The Definition of CAC [In Under 100 Words]

    This is a really great, quick read on what Customer Acquisition Costs means. My guess is that most small businesses could deduce what it means, but don't know their own CAC. This is a good quick read to make sure you have a handle on what it is. Author: Sam Kusinitz

    Content Marketing Traits That are Crucial to Success [Infographic]

    This infographic by Michael Gerard of the Content Marketing forum gives a great visual rundown of skills that great content marketers have. Don't fret if you don't fit the bill yet. This can also serve as a to do list for mastering content marketing! Author: Micheal Gerard

    B2B Brands Near Top of LinkedIn's 'Most Influential' List

    This is a great, non-techie read about what makes the most influential brands on LinkedIN stand above the rest. The key, it seems has a lot to do with content! Shocking right!?!? The list of top brands was created using LinkedIN's Content Marketing Score tool. Author: Seth Fineberg

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