3 Great Web Marketing Resources This Week

Josh Curcio

Currated Goodness By p80

Even though it's a short week...we managed to find some great web marketing resources for your reading pleasure.

Is Buying Domain Names Profitable?

At one point in time there was a big benefit in buying domain names and buying a lot of them. Because nearly every good domain name has been taken, that practice doesn't always see profit. This article discusses why you should not put a lot of effort or money into buying domain names. Great read! Author: David Kley

We Don't Need More Relationships

For a long time marketers talked about building relationships, but this article explains why that can't be your only goal these days...there is just too much clutter. You must first prove your value as a business, then you can create a valuable (and profitable) business relationship. The Duct Tape Marketing blog is always a good read for SMBs. Author: John Jantsch

4th of July Fireworks Safety [Infographic]

OK, so this isn't exactly web marketing related...but it is a good example of content marketing. Also, we care about you and want you to be safe this 4th of July, so we thought it would be a valuable read as well. Author: UPMC - Trauma and Emergency Medicine


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