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3 Great Web Marketing Resources for You This Week

Currated Goodness By p80

We hope that you had a great week, but it is about time for the weekend. You know what that means right? YES...you should read some great web marketing articles before your mind enters weekend mode! Because there are so many out there, we've narrowed it down to these 3. Check 'em out!

How to Use B-to-B Media to Generate Sales Leads

If you're looking to generate B-to-B leads, where do you start? There are certainly so many options to go with, but if you try them all you're efforts will be watered down and probably yield lower results. This article lists the top 2 B-to-B prospecting platforms. Author: Ruth P. Stevens

Consumers Increasingly Reading, Trusting Online Customer Reviews for Local Businesses

Are you waiting for online reviews, or are you asking for them? If you are a local business now is the time to start asking for them. More consumers are reading AND TRUSTING online consumer reviews for local businesses. This cannot be a surprise to anyone, as you're probably the same way. But, if you don't believe it this article with give you the stats! Author: MarketingCharts Staff

So How Many Millennials Are There in the US, Anyway? (Updated)

Do you know how many people in the US there are in your target age demographic? Well here's some updated stats for you. When checking this data out, take into consideration that 78% of the US is online. That's a lot of people you can target with an effective web marketing strategy. Author: MarketingCharts Staff