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    Curated List of 4 Great Web Marketing Resources This Week

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    Currated Goodness By p80

    Feeling guilty that you didn't read any web marketing resources this week? No worries, we've compiled some of our favorites to give you some weekend reading material. Enjoy!

    Google Will Now Detect if a Website Won’t Work on Your Device, Warn You

    Have you ever tried to view a website on your phone and found the experience to be really bad? Yes, you have, don't lie. Google is now helping it's Android brethren by giving you a warning in the search results to let you know if a site won't work right on your phone. For now, they are focused on flash sites. Don't be surprised if that extends to non-flash sites in the future. Responsive design anyone? Thanks to Kellex at Droid Life for the great update.

    Infographic - Smart Ways To Combine Content Marketing With SEO

    One of the great things about content marketing is that it doesn't live in a silo. It feeds so many other tactics!! It's great when you get more mileage from a time investment. This infographic shows all of the channels for content distribution that you could/should be using.

    5 Mistakes Your Sales Reps Are Likely Making

    This is a quick read that all business owners, salespeople and even marketing folks should read. Because content marketing is all about speaking to your ideal buyer's problems, # 3 was probably my favorite of the bunch.

    A Simple Plan for Measuring the Marketing Effectiveness of Content

    Simple is a good thing! Measurement is a GREAT thing. It's also one of the biggest advantages of web marketing. This simple plan walks even gives you a spreadsheet format to get started. Need examples? No problem, this great article has plenty.

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