Curated List of 4 Great Web Marketing Resources This Week

Donny Kemick

Currated Goodness By p80

Here're some truly great web marketing resources we came across this week that can help you kick some marketing ass! Curl up in your hammock, grab a beverage and your smartphone, and gain some knowledge this weekend!

Content Marketing Enlightenment in Four Steps [Infographic]

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This excellent infographic by Curata shows how businesses FAIL at content marketing and how they SUCCEED. Skip steps 1-3 and be a step 4 content marketer. You may as well start off on the right foot!

How CMOs and CIOs Feel About Collaboration


It's no secret that marketing and IT go hand in hand now. In fact, some experts have even stated that some departments of IT's primary function is to support marketing in large companies. Unfortunately, small businesses often think websites and SEO are solely an IT project... but I digress... This article speaks to the growing alignment between IT and Marketing.

The 6 Elements of a Powerful Blog Post - Infographic

6-elements-powerful-blog-postThis gem of an Infographic gives some basic steps to make each blog post count, from photos and design to spreading the word with social media and lead generation. I really like how it simplifies the process! If you're still in the "No one cares what I have to say." mindset, please check out our post on Brainstorming Blog Post Ideas.

2014 Mobile Behavior Report


OK, you'll have to give up your email address for this one, but the author put a ton of work into this report and it's well worth having to hit the unsubscribe option after you get the report. You will likely find that you want to continue getting their content though.

The report gives some data that had better motivate you to make sure your site looks great on a mobile device. For example, 91% of consumers surveyed said that access to content on any device they choose is important. With 85% of of the same respondents saying that their mobile device is a central part of every day life, you'd better act fast with a mobile solution.


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