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Effective Inbound Marketing Is NOT A Project

Sorry Bro Not This Time

The majority of our clients are small businesses with no full time marketing staff. In fact, many do no marketing at all. That's why when they look to redesign their website and improve their SEO, they look at it like a project. They think they will give it their focus for a couple of months and it will be behind them, "running" in the background, "hopefully" generating leads for them. Like most things in life, effective inbound marketing, the kind that generates leads and helps to grow a business, is not a project that you do once, and then set it and forget it until the next time you decide to focus on it.

Effective Inbound Marketing Is Not A Ron Popeil Product

Inbound marketing should be an ongoing effort that is on any business owner or executive's regularly reviewed processes. Why? Because you won't always be able to rely on those core clients that pay your bills. When one of them goes in a new direction and picks your competitor over you, do you want it to be because they did a good job of marketing to your clients and you didn't? When you lose one of your clients, do you want to be in a mad rush to try to fill the revenue void by ineffectively marketing all over the place? I should hope not!

You can't "Set and Forget" your web marketing. It's not a Ron Popeil product. It's a business process. It's a way of effectively and measurably growing your business. If you look at it like an every 5-years project, you will not be successful. Would you ignore the health and effectiveness of a piece of manufacturing equipment for 5 years? Of course not. It likely took a lot time, effort and money to get the equipment selected, in place and directly contributing to your top and bottom line. Guess what.

Marketing is much like that piece of machinery. It directly impacts your top and bottom lines, takes a good amount of time and effort UP FRONT, and needs to be monitored/adjusted on an ongoing basis. It's vital to understand though, that this effort bares fruit, much like the equipment. This effort ensures that you don't hastily make terrible marketing decisions in a pinch when that big client switches providers. If you make the decision to set and forget it, you will get the same results that you get when you do the same with your manufacturing equipment.