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4 Great Web Marketing Resources This Week

Currated Goodness By p80

Head into the weekend with some great web marketing resources! Here're some gems we came across this week:

5 Simple Acts to Take Right Now

In this article by John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing, Jantsch touches on the fact that for many small businesses, the summer months are a bit slower. Whether it's because so many people take vacation or your business has a natural, cyclical dip in the summer, it's a great time to broaden your perspective a bit and do some thinking/planning. Even if you're not slow right now, it's time to start planning for 2015. Don't wait until March of 2015 to start....

5 Secrets of Lead Generation in Social Media You Never New (INFOGRAPHIC)

Ya know how you always put off using social media for your business? Digital Marketing Philippines put together this excellent infographic and write up on lead generation through social media that should help you change your viewpoint. They touch on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube. Don't like infographics? Wait, what!?!? That's cool! They also provided a great write up for each social network to accompany the inforgraphic.

Tips on How to Close a Difficult Sale

This post will resonate with every small business owner or salesperson! Written by Insightly, one of our favorite CRMs, this quick read gives a few tips on pushing that hard to close sale further down the pipeline into a client.

Q2 E-Commerce Trends: Mobile Traffic Grows; Paid Search Remains Valuable

In this report by MarketingCharts, we see data that supports what we're seeing with our clients. The volume of website visitors using smartphones and tablets continues to grow at impressive rates. Tablets however, seem to be more valuable users. This seems logical as many households are shifting to tablets over laptops/desktops.