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1 Thing You Must Have for Inbound Marketing Success

1 Thing You Must Have for Inbound Marketing Success 1 Thing You Must Have for Inbound Marketing Success

Face it...sometimes there are marketing strategies that get implemented only because of the buzz that decision makers hear about the topic. Think about the early days of Twitter. Lots of buzz, lots of adoption...but then lots of failure and abandonment. It is important that inbound marketing doesn't become that for your business. Whether you implement various pieces of inbound or an all encompassing effort it cannot be implemented solely based on "buzz". YOU WILL FAIL.

Really, there is only 1 thing that must have to achieve inbound marketing sucess. That's right...1 thing. And what is it?

Belief in the Strategy

Please don't confuse excitement with belief. Excitement comes in short bursts and can often times vanish the first time something goes wrong.

To show that you believe in your inbound marketing strategy:

1. You must know that if you fully implement your strategy, inbound marketing will work. This means not taking shortcuts just because it's easier.

2. You MAKE TIME to complete some of the most important steps in an inbound marketing strategy such as defining your buyer persona, buyer's journey and come up with content topics geared towards these best customers.

3. You allocate a real marketing budget towards inbound marketing. Yes, you can generate leads at a much lower cost-per-lead, but that doesn't mean it's free.

4. You understand that the tactics deployed in your inbound marketing strategy will only be as strong as your weakest links. Don't expect great performance with a poor website, or minimal social activity and offline if your sales people can't close sales qualified leads...you've got a problem.

5. Don't give up if you don't find immediate success. With inbound EVERYTHING is measurable. Use the data around your successes and failure to your advantage.

By fully fully believing in the strategy, you will ensure that at least these 5 areas are covered. If you don't fully believe, even with excitement, you will not find the success that your business deserves.