4 Great Articles You Should Read This Weekend

Donny Kemick

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Holy cow, it's Friday! What a week it's been. We hope you've been on your hustle game, getting better and finding much success in whatever you do. Sticking with that theme, here are some of our favorites from around the web this week. Spend some time getting better this weekend by giving these a read.

5 More Brain Triggers To Drive Conversions On Your Website Or Landing Page

As with anything else in life, there are some scientific considerations when it comes to increasing website conversions. This article touches on 5. Number 4 in the list is one of my favorites because I don't feel like it's used enough. Pointing out what you will miss out on if you don't take the desired action (conversion) can be very powerful. Called consumer FOMO (not mofo), fear of missing out can be a great motivator to get someone to download a resource on your site, request a sample or sign up.

Article by Jordan Kasteler

Most Popular Digital Marketing and Online Advertising Metrics

One of the biggest advantages to inbound marketing is the ability to measure EVERYTHING! If you don't measure, how do you improve? This chart shows some great metrics that ALL small businesses should be measuring. One of my favorites is that 51% of CMOs said that clicks, responses and conversion rates were the most commonly used metric. Many small businesses that we start working with don't think beyond website traffic numbers. Check out the chart and article and make a list of metrics you want to start measuring.

Article by Marketing Charts

How Is The Marketing Media Mix Changing?

This is another great article and chart from Marketing Charts. It really emphasizes the shift away from traditional outbound, interruption marketing tactics to inbound, web marketing tactics, a trend we've all seen for years. A couple that really stood out to me was the massive decrease in print, TV, billboard and radio advertising. These tactics just don't compare in effectiveness to web marketing.

Article by Marketing Charts

The Drama-Hater's Guide To Dealing With Office Politics

I'm sure we've all dealt with office politics at some point. While this article doesn't directly deal with marketing, I'm sure everyone would enjoy reading it.

Article by Corey Eridon

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