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Create The Perfect Homepage For 2014-2015

The homepage of your website is like the facade of your office or storefront times 10. If people drive by your actual office, they are going to form opinions about you based on the signs, colors, size, neighborhood, overall aesthetics, etc... but they are in front of your office. In most cases, they aren't going to turn the corner, seconds later, and be at your competitor's office. This is especially true for B2B companies.

As you know, online, the exact opposite is true. Not only are they 1 click away from leaving if they don't like the impression they got from your homepage, they are also 1 click away from all of your competitors, including those you didn't even realize you had.

This raises the question of how you create the perfect homepage to keep new visitors' attention, while pleasing search engines, and achieving your business objectives. The video above does a great job of walking through the most important aspects of your homepage and how the expectations of your homepage have changed over the last few years.