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    5 Articles from the Week for You to Enjoy - Curated Goodness

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    Currated Goodness By p80


    It's Labor Day Weekend. Here are some great articles you can read over the next few days!

    The PPC Search Network Campaign Launch Checklist

    This is a comprehensive list of things you need to be sure are in line before just jumping into a PPC campaign starting with building an account all the way through tracking. Author: Pauline Jakober

    Why Dark Posts Are the Best Facebook Advertising Strategy Right Now

    A "Dark Post" is a tactic of using new feed style ads, but they are not actually published on the news feed of your Facebook page. This article explains why it is a good strategy (for the time begin) and how Dark Posts actually work. Author: John Jantsch

    US CMOs Rank Their Biggest Concerns

    Find out what tops the list of concerns for US Chief Marketing Officers. I found it interesting that only 13% of the respondents answered "Aligning Marketing with the Overall Business Strategy" as their biggest worry. I'm sure that this is greater for small businesses that have a marketing budget and team so small they don't even need a CMO. Author: MarketingCharts

    Digital Marketing Evolution: How Enterprise Leaders Differ From Followers

    This article explains how businesses that have already shifted to digital differ from those that are feeling pressure to make the switch. Some of the answers are so different, it's a bit shocking. Certainly I am not surprised by the overall though process of those that are embracing the digital marketing shift vs. those that are holding on for dear life to traditional tactics. Author: MarketingCharts

    North American Digital Marketers Rank Key Goals and Challenges

    What are some of your top goals and challenges in marketing your business? Surely some will be in line with these...find out! Author: MarketingCharts

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