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    Your Weekend Reading List - 9/5/2014

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    Currated Goodness By p80

    Here're the articles you missed this week that will help you grow your business and succeed! Start your Monday with more knowledge than you had on Friday by finishing your weekend reading list!

    How The Most Successful People Prioritize

    Lindsay Kolowich of HubSpot Software hits the nail on the head when it comes to being a "Yes, yes, yes" person. As she points out it can be exhausting. We need to focus on what the top priorities are and try not to get off track. The same applies to making decisions about your marketing efforts. It's easy to cave to the newspaper ad rep or the radio station sales person when they are sitting across from you, but you have to learn to say no and invest in marketing channels that have measurable results, like Inbound Marketing.

    How Content Curation Helps You Win Sales

    In this article based on an interview with Matt Heinz, written by Michelle Davidson of Rain Today's, Rain Maker Blog, Heinz reveals a great truth about curated content. Most readers don't care that you didn't write something you shared. They appreciate the help regardless and actually credit YOU when you do so. Talk about a return on someone else's investment!!!

    7 Essential Habits of Successful Business Owners

    If you have followed my curated posts you should no doubt have found that I am a big proponent of the Duct Tape Marketing blog. There's always something good to read there. This article is evidence of that. They start with one that I have been struggling to keep doing, getting up early, and end with loving to learn and learning to teach. Great article for any small business owner!

    Inbound Marketing - Attract, Engage, AND Delight Customers Online

    This one is a much longer read because it's a full book, but well worth the time. Want to truly "get it" when it comes to making your website a lead generating machine? This is the book you need to read. It's fairly short at 187 pages and reads easily and quickly. You'll pull more ideas and strategy initiatives from this book than you have ever come up with to grow your business.

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