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    Your Weekend Reading List Is Here

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    Currated Goodness By p80

    Your downtime this weekend can be used to relax AND get better at your craft! Here're some articles to help you get better!

    Study: 86% of B-to-B Marketers Now Use Content Marketing

    Do you know what content marketing is? NO!?!? Guess what. 86% of B2B marketers do. Do you think that might include your competitors? I bet it does. If you were late to the web marketing game, don't do it to yourself again.

    Article By: Advertising Age

    How Content Curation Helps You Win Sales

    Time is always an obstacle for everything we small businesses do. There's never enough of it! If only we could sell it!!!!! This article by Matt Heinz gives you some great tips for using others' content to help you win sales.

    Article By: Rain Maker Blog

    The Best Quotes Of Advertising Week

    Looking for some inspiration? These quotes from Advertising Week in New York are your ticket. If you aren't familiar with Mashable, you are missing out on some great news!

    Article By: Mashable

    Google Organic Click-Through Rates In 2014

    We've written a few posts this week about SEO, and this one dovetails nicely. It takes a look at a few questions, one of which is "How much traffic would I get I ranked on the first page?".

    Article By: Moz

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