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    A Great Inbound Marketing Presentation

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    Are you still unfamiliar with what Inbound Marketing is all about? I came across this excellent slideshare presentation by one of the founders of the term Inbound Marketing, Dharmesh Shah, that you should do yourself a favor and speed read. It's a very quick read and will really clarify things if you are still unclear on Inbound Marketing:

    A Few Major Points

    • Newspaper, radio and other traditional paid ads are simply temporary, rented attention
    • 100% of people dislike being interrupted - 100% therefore dislike traditional advertising
    • It's about providing value instead of forcing your way in
    • Inbound marketing and content are owned, long lasting attention generating tools
    • The following funnel simplistically outlines the components of Inbound Marketing relative to the sales process:


    • There are 5.9 Billion searches on Google EVERY DAY!
    • Solve for humans not for Google. Happy Humans = Happy Goolge. Happy Google = Better Rankings.
    • Amplify your message with social and make it easy for others to do so too!
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