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A Few Must Read Inbound Marketing Articles

Currated Goodness By p80


Inbox App by Gmail

This is not really an article...nor is it related to inbound marketing really, but it still might be something cool. Honestly, we haven't played around with it enough to really tell you how much we like it or dislike it, but Google seems pretty confident that it will be the email app of the future. Really, you'll have to request an invite and check it out for yourself. You can do it here.

Finding Hidden Content Opportunities for Your Local Website

Local SEO is very important in getting customers through your door. Even if you are a primarily offline business, your customers likely search online before visiting you in person. An important factor in getting found is good SEO and good local content. This article provides a few ways you might be able to create some additional, good quality content. Author: Rachel Indeteigen.

How to Diagnose and Cure 9 Major Content Marketing Problems

Many businesses and marketers run into issues when trying to implement a content marketing strategy. Here are some of the most common problems and ways to fix them. Author: Stefan Winkler

Google Releases Pirate Update

Another algorithm update, however this one shouldn't really affect your business too much...unless your in the business of providing pirated material. Author: Barry Schwartz