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4 Ways To Reuse Your Blog Posts

blog SO HARD

We preach and preach that you should be blogging regularly. We share stats about how much better companies with an ongoing blogging effort do at generating leads. We practically beg you to write regular blog posts! While blogging is excellent for your Search Engine Optimization efforts, it can also be a huge driver of other tactics you employ online. Here're some ways to reuse your blog posts.

1 - Blog Posts Make Great, Share-able Social Media Content

If you've held the position that your company doesn't have anything to share in social media, you're wrong. One great "side affect" of blogging regularly is that it will feed your social media efforts. In fact, a single blog post can yield several social posts. How's that you ask? Simple, after writing a blog post, you can take several facts from the post and turn them into short social media updates with links to your blog post.

Using HootSuite or Buffer you can then schedule the social posts to be sent on different days in the future. Writing just one blog post per week can give you a new social post to share for six additional weeks. What's more, as your posts age on your blog, you can go back to them and reshare them on the social sites you participate in.

Another great benefit to sharing your blog posts in social media is that you give your followers the ability to help amplify your content through Likes, Shares, Retweets and +1s. This also plays a part in your SEO.

2 - Blog Posts Make Great Ebooks

Beyond the free content you make available on your blog, you also want to provide some higher value content in exchange for a lead's email address. If you write multiple posts about a single topic you can combine them into a longer format ebook.

Starting with a longer ebook idea is a great way to brainstorm blog posts. Take the larger ebook and break it down into sections. Each section can become one or more blog posts depending on how in depth they are.

After you finish all of the blog posts and merge them into a longer ebook, be sure to go back to the blog posts and add a call to action at the bottom of each, linking to a landing page where a visitor can download the longer form ebook in exchange for their email address.

3 - Blog Posts Make Great Emails In An Automated Campaign

Last week I wrote about MailChimp's improved email automation feature for both free and paid accounts. Your blog posts make great content for your email campaigns as well. You can take the entire post and format it as an email or provide just a basic description and plug in a button to read the rest on your blog. If you use email marketing automation, your blog posts make great nurturing emails to keep leads warm and provide added value in the form of education.

4 - Blog Posts Make Great Resources For Salespeople

Want to make the sales process more effective for your salespeople? Arm them with great resources that they can share with leads when they are working with them. Are there common questions that almost every sales prospect has? Turn the answers into blog posts that can be formatted for printing and handed to a buyer during the sales process.

Once a salesperson closes a deal, what content would be helpful to make the onboarding efforts more effective and make the new customer feel even better about their buying decision? Take those topics and make them blog posts that get emailed to the new customer. If the customer has a great experience with your product or service, turn their success story into a case study blog post that sales people can also use to close more leads into customers.

Your Blog Can Feed All Of Your Inbound Marketing Efforts

It may seem daunting to write a blog post once a week, but when you start putting all of the mileage that you can get out of a single post into perspective, you see it's clearly worth the effort. Your blog should be feeding everything you do in your inbound marketing strategy. Blogging makes all of your inbound tactics better.