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Good Business Reads From Around The Web

Currated Goodness By p80

Why 2015 Should Be the Year You Finally Do Your Strategic Plan

This article has 7 solid reasons why you need to suppress that little voice in your head that tells you NOT to put a plan in writing for your business for next year. It's so easy to NOT plan for the upcoming year because you think it will take too much time or you think it won't be used. Truly successful people and companies know what they want out of the next 12 months and craft a plan to achieve it.

Where Your Most Valuable Website Visitors Come From

This article would have been better titled, "Where OUR Most Valuable Website Visitors Come From" because the author clearly states that the results shared are for HIS company and not universal to ALL companies, but nonetheless there are some really great takeaways from the post. One example being that their organic search volume has increased by over 2000% over the past 2 years because of their blogging and content creation efforts. That's a 2000% increase in HIGH quality visitors to their site.

A Lesson in Content Marketing from the City of Cleveland

We preach content, content, content all the time. We will continue to do so until the Internet either explodes into nothing or the way people find what they want online drastically changes. Neither of those will be in the short term, FYI. This article takes the city of Cleveland and shows how content marketing has and is helping to boost it's popularity and perception.

9 Real-Life Conversion Rate Optimization Tests to Try Yourself

A perennial addition to our list of great reads from around the web this week, HubSpot wrote a great, easy to understand post about optimizing your conversion rates through some really good examples. In this post, they show screenshots of how to optimize various CTAs. It's a very good read.