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Just Say No To Brochureware Websites In 2015

Just Say No To Brochureware Websites

A new year is approaching fast. We've all gained 10 lbs while giving thanks at Thanksgiving and in a few weeks we'll add 10 lbs more at Christmas. While we spend time fattening up our waistlines, we need to be preparing to fatten up our bottom lines.

Whether you're a B2B business, a nonprofit or anything in between, it's time to evaluate your website and just say NO to brochureware websites in 2015. If you're going to say no to brochureware sites, it might help to have a definition of them:

A brochureware website is a business website that has very infrequently updated content. Often the site has been developed as a direct translation of existing printed promotional materials, hence the name. - Wikipedia

I would like to add a bit to this definition because many small businesses don't even have printed promotional materials to carry over to a website:

A brochureware website is also one that has stale, infrequently to never updated content with no focus on lead generation or business objectives.

Do You Have A Brochureware Website?

OK, with those definitions now in hand, you need to stop and ask yourself if your business is the proud owner of a brochureware website? If so, 2015 is the year to JUST SAY NO TO BROCHUREWARE WEBSITES! They do little if anything for your business and they will drive as much new business as that business card you pinned to the bulletin board in the restaurant bathroom.

Because your website can be one of the best business generating tools in your arsenal, you need to make 2015 the year that you focus on getting your Inbound Marketing strategy in place. You owe it to yourself and your business to make your website a business growth tool. Your website should be generating high quality traffic, converting that traffic to into leads, and helping to close those leads into sales. Make 2015 the year you JUST SAY NO TO BROCHUREWARE WEBSITES!