Phoenix Metal Fabricating Website Launch

Josh Curcio

We are happy to have launched a newly designed and developed website for Phoenix Metal Fabricating in Jamestown, PA. Phoenix handles several aspects of metal fabrication starting with metal punching through powder coating and even some small assembly of final products. They run a very impressive operation!

The website started with a custom design with a goal to be much cleaner than the old site. We incorporated existing colors and their logo into the design and used responsive design techniques to make the website mobile friendly. Another important factor for the new website was to ensure that it was easy for the folks at Phoenix to update the website easily by themselves. To accomplish this we outfitted the site with the c80 content management system which will allow them to manage every aspect of the website, including on-site SEO elements.

The content is more extensive than their previous website, as they cover all aspects of their business separating products and capabilities. They also had a photographer to come to their facilities to ensure that they had enough photos to incorporate throughout the website.

A special thank you goes out to Christie, Dave and Gary at Phoenix for their hard work throughout this process!

Please check out the new Phoenix Metal Fabricating website when you have some time.

Phoenix Metal Fabricating


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