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Outbound, Interruption Marketing Is Noise

Interruption Marketing Is Just Noise

Every business owner wants to effectively reach their potential buyers. Obviously, that's where marketing comes in. The problem is, the wrong marketing, namely interruption marketing, is just added noise for people to filter out. We are bombarded with commercial messages every day. Some estimates say we are exposed to nearly 30,000 commercial messages each day! The vast majority of which we completely ignore! Every isle at the super market, informational website we visit, and game we play on our smartphone pushes an ad of some sort in our face. We are even exposed to subliminal ads in TV shows and Movies!

Interrupting Is Rude

These ads all have 1 primary trait in common that kills their effectiveness versus Inbound Marketing. They all try to force themselves in front of a broad audience by interrupting you for attention. The problem is, as a society, our brains have adapted and are better than ever at filtering the overwhelming majority of these messages out. It's just noise. It's the sound of the wind coming through your sun roof on a beautiful summer day. It's there, but you don't notice it as you enjoy your ride.

Falling On Deaf Ears

When you watch TV, you fast forward through the commercials. You pay a monthly fee to NOT have to listen to ads on Pandora or Spotify radio. You zone out or talk to a friend when listening to actual AM/FM radio, and rarely listen to those. You hang up on the cold caller that wants to sell you on a better natural gas rate at dinner time. You look at Yelp for restaurant recommendations instead of reading the billboards. You filter your mail every day, throwing away (or hopefully, recycling) all of those terrible ads without a second thought, unless they make it look like a bill or something, the bastards! Then, you're annoyed with brand for wasting your time anyways.


To make matters worse, these interruption marketing tactics tend to cost a lot! Want a steady rotation on your local radio station? Get ready to pony up, forever... Want your local newspaper readers to see your ad? Be prepared to spend a mint, forever... Want to be seen on TV? Get ready to spend a fortune, forever... With all of these tactics, the little effect they may have on your lead generation and sales will last only as long as you keep paying. Unlike Inbound Marketing, that provides ongoing effectiveness, even after you've invested in it, outbound tactics only work (if they work at all) when you are continually forking over the doe.

Reach Your Ideal Buyer

Ultimately, buyers have adapted. They are smart enough to filter out interruption marketing messages. If they have a problem, they seek a solution on their own, usually online. They don't wait for the right ad to interrupt them. They ignore the noise and look for a solution on their own. This is one of the biggest reasons Inbound Marketing produces such great, ongoing results. Want to write a blog post that will help your ideal buyer? Great! It's online forever. You don't have to pay ridiculous advertising fees to keep it in front of your ideal buyers. You're also reaching your ideal buyers at the moment they are looking for the solution they want. You're not interrupting them continuously in hopes that they will remember you when they need your solution.