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Are You Focusing Too Much On Website Traffic?

Too much focus on traffiic?

The number one non-development related request we get from clients is to help them get more website traffic. For some businesses, this is but one cog in the engine of their Inbound Marketing effort. Unfortunately, for many it is the only other cog beside their redesigned website and new content management system (CMS).

Focusing too much on website traffic and not enough on who that traffic is, what you want them to do on your site, how you'll follow up and nurture them as leads, and how to close them into sales can totally kill the outcome of generating more website traffic. When we succeed at generating more traffic for your site through a solid search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising strategy, we want to see that new traffic turn into something more tangible for your business - namely, new leads and sales!

More Website Traffic + The Same Brochureware Website = The Same Lackluster Results

It's very logical to think you need more website traffic to make your website produce better results. If only you could double your traffic, you would finally see some action from your site. This may be true, but without implementing other inbound marketing tactics on your website, you will probably just have the same results from more visitors.

You have to identify the steps you want your new website traffic to take and how you will convert more of that new website traffic into leads, sales, etc... This will probably entail a content marketing effort with calls to action (CTAs), landing pages and email marketing automation. You should be considering your internal workflows for handling news leads and follow up. There are many moving parts to a sound inbound marketing plan.

More Of The Same Website Traffic + Inbound Marketing Strategy = The Same Lackluster Results

Another common mistake by small businesses looking to generate more website traffic, is that they haven't identified who their best buyers are in detail. When I say detail, I mean understanding the people, not just the industry or company. It's one thing to know about the industries you serve. It's something completely different to understand how your buyer thinks, feels and acts beyond their job. Truly knowing your best buyers takes research and analysis. The outcome of this analysis will be your buyer persona(s).

The goal here is to determine who we want to attract to your website. As the heading states, if we generate a higher volume of crappy visitors, you will get crappy results, even with an Inbound marketing focused website. We want to generate high quality visitors that fit your buyer personas. Those are the visitors that will convert into leads and ultimately become customers.

More High Quality Website Visitors + Inbound Marketing Strategy = Business Growth

If you focus on having a solid, inbound marketing focused website, while generating high quality website traffic, you will see amazing results that go directly to the bottom line. The key to success online is not mobs of traffic. It's the right volume of high quality traffic, coupled with an inbound marketing strategy. Your website must be setup to drive action. You must have great content that helps your buyer personas at the various stages of their buyer's journey. Your internal workflows must be ironed out so you follow up and nurture leads into sales.

Ultimately, you have to broaden your outlook on your website. It's not just a traffic game. Focusing too much on traffic and not enough on the inbound stages will yield undesirable results.