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Growing Your Business Using Inbound Marketing [Event]

p80's Inbound Marketing FunnelTomorrow we'll be talking to a bunch of eager individuals on how they can use inbound marketing to grow their business. The fact is, many of the people attending are probably hearing about inbound marketing for the first time. Sure, they may know what some of pieces of inbound marketing are and may have even implemented some. That's great, but it just may not be getting the job done. This class will focus on inbound marketing as a whole and why combined the strategy is much more effective than the components alone. Here's a brief overview of the seminar:

How People Shop - The way consumers make purchases and decisions has changed drastically. This requires a change in the way people market to consumers.

Traditional Marketing's Shortcomings - This seminar is not all about bashing traditional marketing. It has its place...but it's not an option to exclude online marketing from the marketing mix. We'll explore how inbound and outbound marketing compare.

Buyer's Journey - As people do research they tend to follow a similar path called the buyer's journey. This includes awareness, consideration and decisions. We'll discuss the buyer's journey and how to use it to plan and map content and how to deliver content in the later stages of the journey.

Buyer Persona - The buyer persona should reflect your best buyer. If you are going to grow your business you should get more of your best buyers, not your worst buyers. This seminar will cover how to define your buyer persona and how to use that to ensure you are sending the right message.

Attract - This is the top of the funnel for an inbound marketing strategy. It ensure that the individuals looking for a solution find you when doing their research. The tactics discussed will be SEO, PPC, social, blogging and content marketing.

Convert - If you stop your strategy after you've got the visitors to your site, you aren't doing anything to grow your business. You need leads! We'll discuss how to turn strangers into leads. The tactics discussed will be CTAs, landing pages, and forms.

Close - Again, just collecting leads isn't enough. You have to turn those leads into sales. The tactics discussed will be focused on lead nurturing through email, CRM and workflows.

Delight - The best way to keep growing your business is to turn your current customers into raving fans!

Analytics - Another factor that makes inbound so great is the fact that it is so measurable. We'll talk about important metrics and what can be done to use the data to continually improve the strategies.

Seminar Details

Growing Your Business Using Inbound Marketing
January 22, 2015
Time: 9:00am - 11:30am - 2.5 Hours
Location: Clarion University Small Business Development Center
Cost: FREE
Registration Required: http://web.clarion.edu/SBDC/Training/Register.asp?CID=956
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This event will also be held on June 9th in DuBois, PA!