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Make Your Website Better Than Your Competition

Your Competitors Are NOT "The Bar"

If you want to make your website better than your competition, you must first change your mindset that they are "the bar" that you measure your website against. Instead, turn your website and marketing into the bar that everyone else compares themselves to.

Your competitors may be doing some things right. If so, take those things, model them and apply them to your business. Then, take what they do poorly and do it better.

Who Is Your Best Buyer And How Are You Reaching Them?

Beating your competition online also requires knowing your best buyers and how to reach them at each stage of the the buyer's journey. Make sure that your website doesn't ONLY speak to buyer's in the decision stage. By reaching your buyer personas in the awareness and consideration stages as well you are building trust that most of your competitors aren't.

A Professional, Industry-Appropriate Design Builds Trust

You also have to ensure that the design of your sight is clean and modern, while staying industry appropriate. The design needs to accommodate your goals and feature the important actions on your site, above the fold. (More on this: http://youtu.be/J6Rk4V6c_wU ).

Your Pretty Site Needs High Quality Visitors Or It's Useless

Finally, what are you doing to drive the right traffic to your site? You may be using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing or social media, but ultimately, you need to have a consistent effort for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO will yield the highest ROI over time and reach your ideal buyers where they are looking, search engines. If you want to see if your website is optimized for search, download the SEO Checklist: http://p80.us/965f9a

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