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Get Links For SEO The Right Way

Get Links For SEO

You know you need to be focused on ranking better in search engines. The major engines still value quality inbound likes highly. Your first thought may be, "OK, how do we get links for SEO?". Sure, you want a bunch of links to your site, but you don't want just any links... They need to be HIGH QUALITY links.

What Are High Quality Links?

Isn't a link a link? NO! If they were all made equally, there wouldn't be so many website owners scrambling to get junk links to their site removed. Those junk links were often created by a linking company that they hired to get as many inbound links as possible. The missing element for most of the links built by these companies is relevancy.

The relevancy of the inbound links to your site is REALLY important. For instance, a marketing blog that links to one of our posts is a highly relevant link. A link from a tampon company, not so much... A link from an Inbound Marketing software company would be very relevant to our blog. A link from an automobile parts website wouldn't.

Building Links Naturally

If generating links in bulk through a link building service is a no-no, what are you supposed to do to get links for SEO? For starters, write link-generating content. This is content that people want to share and link to without being spammed into it.

Use social media to share good content that resonates with your buyer persona(s). Social media is one of the primary ways people find and consume new content these days. Related websites and blogs will find your content in social media and link to it naturally.

Naturally Doesn't Mean Passively

Just because you want to get links for SEO the right way, doesn't mean you should sit on your duff and do nothing. You can always be building relationships online to help establish some linking partners. You can also be active on other related sites and earn the respect of their people. This will get you noticed and likely lead to links to your content.

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