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The Fastest Way to Get More Website Visitors

There are many ways to get more website visitors to your website. Some of those ways can take months, while same can take hours. This post will cover the fastest way to get more website visitors!

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Location of PPC and Organic Google ResultsPay-per-click, or PPC is hands down the fastest way to get more website visitors. If you launch a PPC effort you can start getting website traffic as quickly as you can build an account and enter billing information. Awesome, right?

Yes...it can be awesome for sure. But it is still vital that you also focus on your overall business objectives. You still need conversions, leads, sales, etc. If you launch a campaign focused only on numbers, you'll end up wasting your money because you will generated visitors, but they will leave before taking any action.

Look at it this way instead...

How to Generate QUALITY Website Traffic Fast

Your PPC campaigns must be targeted. With PPC the advertiser chooses exactly which keywords their ads get shown for, writes the ad copy, determines when and where the ads are shown, and where the visitor arrives on the website.

Keywords - To keep it short, you choose a set of keywords...as many or as few as you want. You will only pay when somebody clicks on your ad, not when it is shown. For each keyword you will determine how much you are willing to pay for one of those clicks. It might be $0.05, $0.23, $1.00...whatever it is worth to you. Choose your keywords wisely and consider what a click is worth for each one of those. What you'll have to pay to be shown high in the rankings depends on several factors from competition level to how relevant the keyword is to where you send the visitor. Because you want to generate website traffic quickly, you will have to bid on keywords that people actually search, but focus only on keywords that are relevant.

Ad Copy - This is the ad that is shown to a search engine user when they search for a term. On Google they are usually across the top and down the right side. Because you control the message, make it worthwhile. Write an ad that makes someone want to click yours vs. your competitor. It should be very relevant to the keywords that are triggering the ad.

Bradford-PA-Geographic-TargetingGeographic Targeting and Other Settings - To keep your ads relevant you'll be able to choose when and where ads are shown. For example, you could set up ads that show:

  • 100 miles around a specific address, specific states, specific countries, cities, counties, etc.
  • Only show at specific times of the day
  • Only show specific days of the week
  • Target mobile only
  • Exclude mobile
  • Many more options

Landing Page - This is where a visitor lands on your website when they click the ad. A landing page should be very relevant to the keyword and the ad copy. For example, if a searcher uses the term "blue shoes", your ad might contain the word blue shoes, and your landing page should definitely have blue shoes available. Landing pages are super important!!!

What to Consider

Budget - How much are you willing to spend to get website visitors fast? If you can show a return quickly, this will be less of an issue because if you continue to maintain profitability, budget is not much of an issue. Also keep in mind that you budget will go much further if the strategy is implemented well. In the long run it may work out better to hire a firm to ensure that you are implementing this properly. Even with an agency fee you may find you are able to achieve a higher ROI that way.

Platforms - There are a variety of PPC platforms out there to help you generate fast traffic, here are the most popular:

  • Google AdWords - Allows you to advertise on Google as well as on various other websites, mobile apps and more
  • Facebook - These ads show up as sponsored stories, posts or even more traditional ads along the right side
  • Bing Ads - Similar to AdWords, however these ads will show on Bing and Yahoo
  • LinkedIn - These ads will show primarily on the right side, however there are some other advertising opportunities here as well
  • Twitter - Sponsored tweets to help increase engagement

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