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"Mobilegeddon": Google Algorithm Change Welcomes New Mobile Overlords

And I, for one, am happy about it.

On April 21, 2015, Google made a HUGE change to its search algorithms. Online news sites and bloggers are dubbing this event "Mobilegeddon." On one hand, the dramatic moniker fits, as the new algorithm nukes desktop-only sites from mobile search. On the other hand, it seems more like a necessary cleansing than a disaster.

google-godThe change is all about what's best for the public - and if you're a business, it's what's best for your customers. A buyer's first move is Googling products and services before they buy - either at home, or on their mobile devices in-store. Obviously, it isn't fun to navigate a desktop website on mobile, especially when you need quick info to make a purchase decision.

What makes this change so great is it only takes effect ON MOBILE. On desktop, search results will not be affected.

Maybe that's not so great if your site doesn't have a responsive design (or dynamic serving, or a pure mobile site). But Google is a generous god and warned us of Mobilegeddon two months in advance. Theoretically, everybody should have been prepared for this system overhaul.

But if you weren't, the good news is that the Google mobile algorithm still takes other factors into account (like overall site quality and popularity), so a site that performs poorly on mobile could still show up high in mobile search results.

Don't take that as an excuse to stay desktop-only. Mobile optimization can only do good for you and your business, so hop on the bandwagon. To get started, here's Google's handy tool to check your site's mobile friendliness.

You want to optimize ALL of your pages for best results - website, landing pages, blog, etc.

Mobile targeting has been in the works since the conception of the smartphone. And finally, that day is upon us. It was only a matter of time - and Google is fearlessly forging ahead into the new era of mobile SEO. Mobilegeddon is only the beginning.

If you have no idea how to optimize your site for mobile or need help, contact us and we'll hook you up.