Using Education Marketing Vs. Old School Sales Tactics - VIDEO

Donny Kemick

Today's buyer is smart. So smart that they have often educated themselves to the point where they can teach the sales person a thing or two. I have personally been in this situation on multiple occasions, where a sales person is telling me this, that and the other thing and I can clearly call them out on being inaccurate.

How does this happen? Education Marketing! Also known as content marketing. In our buying process, also known as the buyer's journey, we do research. We ask friends and family. We find online reviews.


If we do skip the research, we feel like we're on a used car lot. We feel like we don't fully trust the person we're talking to. Overall, we have a bad experience.

To reach your ideal buyers, you need to use content marketing that's mapped to their buyer's journey. Educate them through their buying process. This will build trust and close the sale much easier.

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