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Turn Website Visitors Into Leads

Convert phase of Inbound Marketing Funnel

The common goal of almost every Inbound Marketing effort we've been involved with is increasing a key metric. Increasing sales, increasing donations, increasing registrations, increasing applicants, etc... In almost every case, we need to first focus on how we turn website visitors into leads.

Because so many businesses and nonprofits cannot complete an entire sale online (e.g., ecommerce), we need to focus on starting the conversation with high quality content that attracts your buyer persona(s), and converts them into leads. From there, they can be nurtured and developed into an actual sale.

Many businesses, whether they are fortune 500 companies or mom & pop shops, fail at getting the first step right - Attracting your buyer persona(s) with excellent content. This requires a clear understanding of your Buyer Persona(s) and their buyer's journey along with a solid content marketing effort that speaks directly to both.

Your content marketing strategy is what will fuel the connection between your business and your ideal buyers and ultimately turn website visitors into leads. We go about this by creating high quality content targeted at each stage of the buyer's journey which gets supplemented by lower level, broad content. There are many types of content that can be used and also many ways to distribute and grow engagement with it.

Ultimately, you want your website and Inbound Marketing strategy to focus on reaching your business goals. If one of your goals is increasing sales, etc... you should also be focusing on lead generation through content marketing.

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