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Content Marketing Advice In Just 1 Sentence

With the growth in popularity of content marketing comes people asking for content marketing advice. Curata posted an infographic about the best content marketing advice summed up in just one sentence. In compiling the answers via a LinkedIn poll, they found that most marketers answers could be bucketed into 4 categories: strategy, creation, audience and analytics.

I know my title said just 1 sentence, but instead it will be 4 sentences. I am going to sum up my favorite 1 sentence advice from each of these categories.

Content Marketing Strategy

Look for ways to repurpose, repackage, and recycle your existing content.
~Allyson Fralish - Lead Marketing Communications Manager at AT&T

Content Marketing Creation

Create content that you would be curious to read.

~Eirini Pan - Marketing Manager at Outbrain

Content Marketing Audience

Unselfishly package & contribute your expertise in ways that help people be successful at their jobs.

~Janet Fitzpatrick-Wilks - President and Chief Content Strategist at Honeycomb-co LLC

Content Marketing Analytics

Figure out what works and do more of it -- usually great content works best.

~Sara Scalet - Americas Writing Lead at EY

I really wanted to expand on each of these but that defeats the purpose. You can either trust my judgement with the top ones I chose...or you can also read more. The infographic is below as well as the link to the full blog article.