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    7 Keys To Business Blogging Success

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    Business blogging is no longer an optional investment if you want to drive high quality traffic to your site, outside if pay-per-click advertising.

    Your buyer personas are looking online for solutions to their problems, so you'd better be there when they are looking. Business blogging is the answer!

    7 Keys To Business Blogging Success

    Here are the 7 keys to business blogging success. Watch the video for a detailed explanation of each.

    1 - Know who's on the team
    2 - Have a no excuses schedule
    3 - Write to your buyer persona/journey
    4 - Use visuals and lengthier copy when possible
    5 - Promote it (social media, email, website links, podcast)
    6 - Measure it and evolve
    7 - Re-use!!!!

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