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Affordable SEO Through Blogging

We're often asked, what's the most affordable SEO option. While we're firm believers that SEO isn't simple enough to break down into a one size fits all option, we do recommend blogging to everyone.

Assuming your website/blog have been developed in an SEO friendly way, you stand to benefit greatly from regular blogging, targeted to your buyer persona(s) at each stage of their buyer's journey.

By creating content beyond the decision stage content of your normal website, you are increasing your SEO surface area and speaking to your best buyers earlier in their buying process. That's huge for building trust and establishing yourself as THE solution to their problem.

Educational content is also more linkable and shareable by others. You won't find many people willing to link directly to a product or service page on your website, but most will link to a blog post, further helping your SEO.

Affordable SEO is something every business needs. Again, there's no one-size fits all solution to SEO, but we know that a consistent blogging effort will directly impact your SEO rankings.

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