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Microsite Launch for Santoni Worldwide

We're happy to announce the launch of EmploymentBackgroundCheck.company, a microsite for Santoni Worldwide. Santoni Worldwide is an investigation and background check company located in Orange County California. The microsite focuses on the aspects of the background check services for employers. It highlights the benefits of the services and allows potential clients to create their account online quickly.

The website is built on the Wordpress platform and utilizes responsive design for the mobile aspect. For content management, the Wordpress back-end utilizes visual composer for easy management.

This project was unique in it being a microsite, yet fairly large for that type of website. This is our first website launch for a California based company! It was a fun project and was fairly seamless.

Check out the website and if you are in need of background check services, look no further and you can be anywhere in the US!