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    Generate Leads Through Your Website - Destroy These 5 Roadblocks

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    Do you frequently generate leads through your website? If not, you may be struggling with one of many potential roadblocks to lead generation online. That is, assuming you are driving the right traffic to your site in the first place!

    Make sure you tear down these roadblocks and start to generate leads through your website.

    Your Site Is All Decision Stage Content

    Most websites' product or service copy is decision stage content in the buyer's journey. Meaning, it is geared towards a buyer that is comparing vendor A to vendor B and finalizing their decision of which to move forward with.

    While you are perfectly justified in having decision stage copy on your site, it only speaks to website visitors in the "buying now" category. What about the visitors that are in the awareness or consideration stages of the buyer's journey? You're losing them.

    Your Site Has No Clear Calls To Action

    If you know you want to generate leads through your website, why aren't you using calls to action (CTA) to grab your website visitors' attention and get them to visit lead generating landing pages?

    Think of your website visitors like toddlers or moths. If they see something shiny, they will go to it. They are intrigued by the bright, colorful CTA and will click it. If you don't provide the bright, shiny CTA, they are left with only your decision stage content to read and no clear direction or actionable next step.

    Your Conversion Opportunities Require Too Much Commitment

    Sure, we'd love every quality website visitor to go to our contact or request a quote page and start the buying process. We'd also like:

    • world peace
    • good health to all of mankind
    • quality food and water for everyone
    • no more sadness anywhere
    • money to grow on trees

    Unfortunately, none of these are happening anytime soon...

    If the only conversion opportunity on your website is your contact form and/or a request a quote form, you're doing it wrong. That's too much commitment for the majority of your website visitors. Remember, you need to think of more than the decision stage.

    There're tons of posts and pages on our site about inbound marketing and how content marketing works within it. You will find a plethora of ideas for generating leads beyond your RFQ and contact pages.

    You're Asking For Too Much Information On Your Forms

    Lead generation forms need to be carefully crafted as to not scare off your lead prospects. One surefire way to deter people from filling out your form is to ask them for too much or irrelevant information. This is especially true in the awareness stage of the buyer's journey.

    Start off by asking for the bare minimum, like name and email address. As they move to different stages of the buyer's journey, they will be more likely to start providing more details. Especially if you can pre-populate the other data they've already provided for them.

    You Don't Have Anything Of Value To Offer, Beside A Sale

    Sure, you may be the best in your industry and your website visitors may already know that. That doesn't mean you can skimp on providing value to your buyer persona(s) beyond your actual product or service.

    Do you have free samples? A catalog-request option? Free guides, checklists or eBooks? A blog that prospects can subscribe to? These are all ways to provide value in exchange for someone's contact details.

    Start Generating Leads Through Your Website

    If you break down the roadblocks above, you will be well on your way to generating leads through your website. Make sure you think beyond the decision stage of the buyer's journey and don't require too much commitment in exchange for lead details.

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