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5 Content Marketing Tips For ANY Business

In this video, I share 5 content marketing tips for any business, regardless of the size or industry. Here's a snapshot of the 5 content marketing tips:

1. Keep Your Eye On The Prize - What is the very specific outcome we're after
- Define short term (3-6 month) objectives - looking 12+ months out can be a momentum killer
- Plan but don't paralyze progress

2. Drop I, We, Us, Our
- Content marketing educates authentically
- Know where your content falls in the buyer's journey and promote yourself accordingly

3. Buyer's Journey
- Know your buyer personas
- Plan horizontal movement and recommendations of content

4. What happens after publish?
- Re-use?
- Removal?
- Re-promote?

5. Take your content offline
- Content marketing lives predominantly online
- Arm your sales people out in the field with content

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