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    You are Invited to Our Google Partners Connect Event!

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    You might be asking yourself..."what the heck is that?". I'll explain it.

    First of all it's absolutely FREE to you!

    Google Partners from all over invite their favorite businesses and organizations to their office (or another location) for educational, yet fun, purposes. And are one of our favorites! ;)

    The Google Partners will stream a live feed directly from the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA. This feed contains priceless information on how any business can reach their goals online. We hear all the time, "I want to do better in Google". Now's your chance to hear it straight from horse's mouth!

    After the Google presentation, we encourage businesses to stick around and ask questions about their specific goals and strategies.

    The Presentations

    fred-v-lgFred Vallaeys

    Fred Vallaeys is a longtime expert in AdWords. He’ll speak with small businesses about how they can better navigate the web and expand their online presence through smarter customer insights.

    matt-lgMatt Lawson

    We’ll discuss the “micro-moments” that guide a customer’s decision journey, and how businesses can use online marketing to reach potential customers during the moments that matter most.

    p80-officeThe Details

    Date: 9/30/2015
    Time: Noon - 1pm EDT
    Location: 15 North Kendall Ave., Bradford, PA 16701 (our office)
    Cost: FREE
    What to Bring: Yourself (and also invite peers that care about "Doing better in Google")
    What to Expect: Education, coffee, maybe some Google swag, laughs, tears...who knows!


    We Are A Google Partner

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