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5 Essentials For Getting Customers From Your Blog - VIDEO

If you're like most businesses, creating content that benefits your buyer personas is all about getting customers from your blog and other content. Some people sugar coat it and try to take the high road in public, talking about the support it provides, the good it does for their prospects, but ultimately, they want more customers.

Here are 5 essentials for getting customers from your blog!

1 - Consistency

  • You have to have a rhythm to your effort.
  • A schedule for blogging will help tremendously
  • Random blogging will not build traffic that turns into customers...

2 - Promotion

  • Your blog is not the movie Field of Dreams - If you write it, they will NOT come
  • Use social media, email, print, integration with your website
  • To get eyeballs on your content, you have to build awareness that it exists

3 - Buyer Persona(s)

  • Who are you writing to? It needs to be your best buyers!
  • You speak to prospects differently than peers. Write to your prospects!
  • Personas should be central to getting customers from your blog

4 - Pain Points

  • Your best buyers start looking for answers by trying to solve for their pain points
  • Does your blog have an abundance of content around solving their pain?

5 - CTAs - Calls To Action

  • Get your readers' attention with CTAs that attracts them to lead-generating offers
  • If you can't sell directly online, you should be generating leads
  • CTAs should draw your readers to a deeper dive on the content they are reading