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How to Get People to Find Your Website Content: The Top 3 Tactics

Content, content, content. There's no doubt that you've been told that content is important to your website's success. If you haven't been then I am telling you now. Without quality website content you will never find the success your website and marketing could have.

After explaining the importance of content the next question is, how will people find it. Great question!

These are the Best Ways to Get People to Find Your Content

SEO (search engine optimization)

Affordable Search Engine Optimization SEO for businesses by protocol 80SEO is the best way to attract people to your content. According to Outbrain, search is the #1 traffic driver to website content heavy sites, beating social media by more than 300%.


First and foremost the sheer volume of people using search. In the US alone we perform 12 BILLION searches PER MONTH on average (Comscore). 12 BILLION...that's a heck of a lot. When people need to find something more often than not the first thing they do is turn to a search engine.

That brings me to my next point, intent. When someone performs a search for something on a search engine they want to find an answer and they want it quickly. Website content is the driver of those answers. Yes, you can post your content to social media and get readers, but the people that come across those posts aren't necessarily looking for the answer that you can provide at that time (usually they are just stalking their friends).

So, your website must be optimized for search engines (SEO). The content you write must be not only indexed by search engines, but the search engine must also understand how to correlate it to the searchers users are performing. If you have a website with poor SEO but you are writing tons of content, you are treading water and will get nowhere.

Search Engine Marketing (Pay-per-click Advertising)

PPC = FrugalPay-per-click advertising whether it's AdWords, Facebook, Bing, etc. is a great way to get people to find your content. If done poorly it can be an incredible waste of money, but if done properly you will be shocked by the return-on-investment that can achieve.

The advantages of PPC advertising over SEO are control and speed. With PPC you can control the message, when your ad is shown, where an individual clicks, and even who sees the ads.

PPC is also fast. You can write a great piece of content and have people finding it within an hour. SEO takes time and with the competition, you will not be able to control the exact keywords in which your results are shown.

Social Media

social-networksWhile it may not generate as much traffic as SEO, social media is still a great way to get eyes on your content. You can make them aware of new and interesting things as they go about their everyday business. They might not be looking for an answer to a problem at that specific time, that doesn't mean you can't catch their attention. Social is also the top way to get others to share your content so their friends and followers will see it and read it.