Website visitors need a carrot to chase.

When a visitor is browsing through your website, you want them to do something after they read the content. Enter: calls-to-action (CTAs).

CTAs are text, images, videos, or buttons that draw a visitor’s attention and get them to take a certain action. CTAs are extremely important to Inbound Marketing because it’s a way make your high-quality website traffic do what you want.

We will help you design, test, and optimize your calls to action.

Some examples of when to use a call to action include:

  • At the end of your blog posts: link to a high-value piece of gated content that would push them toward conversion.
  • On Facebook: to drive your social media community to your website.
  • At the end of a YouTube video: to drive traffic to a related eBook.
  • In an email campaign: to get subscribers to sign up for a webinar.