Landing Pages

Businesses get 55% more leads by increasing the amount of landing pages from 10 to 15.

So, hey, if you have zero landing pages, imagine what that'll do to your lead numbers!

If you want to generate leads online with content marketing, you need landing pages. Landing pages exchange your great content for your visitor’s email address.

Through careful testing, we will create conversion-optimized landing pages that generate high-quality leads. This keeps your prospects interested in what you offer and allows for follow-up email marketing.

A great landing page is night and day different than your website homepage (many people incorrectly use their homepage as a landing page for PPC and other links). The pages on your site focus on making navigation as easy as possible. Landing pages have a laser focus on one thing: the conversion.

Your landing pages should:

  • Clearly highlight the benefits/value of the offer
  • Eliminate all distractions such as site navigation and unrelated offers
  • Present a form for the visitor to insert their contact details
  • Deliver a converted lead to a thank-you page with an additional offer and sharing options

The function of a landing page is very simple, but its impact is enormous!