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6 Databox Alternatives: Marketing Dashboards & Reporting Tools

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If you work in digital marketing, you’ve heard of Databox. Maybe you’ve even used Databox. It’s a pretty neat online marketing analytics tool - convenient, timely, interactive, and groundbreaking in many ways. However, it’s not the best option for all businesses.

If you’re looking for Databox alternatives, here are six other marketing reporting tools and their major features.

6 Databox Alternatives for Marketing Data Visualization & Reporting

Marketing Reporting Tool
Starting price
Good for
Notable features
Looker Custom quote Mid-sized & larger businesses, agencies Highly visual, programming-inspired, ease of collaboration with multiple users
Swydo $75/month SMBs, small agencies Easy, printable PDF-style reports for old-fashioned clients
Grow Custom quote SMBs, large businesses, agencies Focuses on bottom-of-funnel metrics, great for sales & execs
Tableau $70/month Large businesses, enterprises Contextual metrics, story-driven reporting, multiple implementation options
Reportz $6.99/month Individual marketers, small teams Simple reporting tool, not many frills
Klipfolio $29/month SMBs, data-proficient marketers Functions very similarly to Excel, allows data customization via formulas


1.  Looker

Starts at: custom quote

Notable features: high visual impact, ease of collaboration

Looker is a sophisticated business intelligence dashboard tool that will appeal to technical analysts and clients. Looker is built on programming logic and tools, making it infinitely customizable for each user.

It integrates not just with marketing tools, but also with business tools like Slack, Google Drive, and Salesforce to make all data accessible for all users. Multiple users can easily collaborate on reporting. Looker may be best for mid-sized businesses and up, while individual marketers or small agencies may benefit from more affordable options.

2.  Swydo

Starts at: $75/month

Notable features: straightforward, printable PDF-style reporting

Swydo is great for generating traditional PDF-style reports, especially for SEO and PPC reporting.  Compared to other options on this list, Swydo reports are very straightforward. They're not made to be highly customizable or visually striking. (Expect to scroll a lot if you’re generating large amounts of data.)

Swydo also has limitations in its integrations - most notably, Swydo does not currently integrate with HubSpot. Individual marketers, SMBs, and users who don't need highly customized reporting may find this tool helpful.

3.  Grow

Starts at: custom quote

Notable features: bottom-of-funnel metrics

Grow is visually similar to DataBox. It’s a marketing metrics dashboard that presents data simply in TV- and mobile-friendly widgets.

Grow’s platform makes it easy to emphasize sales, revenue, and bottom-of-funnel metrics. It’s great for presenting data to company execs who only want a quick view of the bottom line, while also giving your marketing team useful insights into the entire funnel. Currently, small- to mid-sized businesses seem to be most comfortable with Grow.

4.  Tableau

Starts at: $70/month

Notable features: highly contextual metrics, multiple implementation options

Tableau is an interactive “self-service” analytics dashboard that lets you create highly contextual marketing reports. Tableau is great for translating marketing metrics into impressive and accessible visual insights. It’s also good for teams where multiple people need to be (or want to be) be involved in reporting.

Tableau is ideal for large businesses and enterprises. The platform is available through the cloud, but it can also be implemented on-site and hosted locally. If you like features and want to impress corporate with great visuals, Tableau might be the marketing dashboard for you.

5.  Reportz

Starts at: $6.99/month

Notable features: simple reporting, no frills

Reportz is a relatively simple marketing analytics dashboard that may work best for marketers who only report for one or two companies, or who only need a quick view of marketing metrics.  

It’s not as robust as some of the other options on this list, but its pricing is highly affordable for individual businesses. It has limited integrations, but it is a young tool and the team seems to be expanding their capabilities. If you want a quick, simple solution, Reportz might be your best bet.

6.  Klipfolio

Starts at: $29/month

Notable features: highly customizable, functions similar to Excel

Klipfolio is an advanced marketing analytics tool that works best for marketers who want to see a lot of custom data in one place. Klipfolio connects to a ton of cloud-based marketing platforms, as well as local data and databases.

It functions very similarly to Excel or Google Sheets, so Excel users will feel right at home with this tool. You can use formulas and basic math to change how your data appears in your dashboard. Klipfolio will work best for marketers and businesses that are technically proficient and have time to dedicate to learning the program.

What marketing reporting tool is best for you?

These are only six options of MANY reporting tools that are available for internal marketers, teams, agencies, and businesses. They all have unique quirks, pros, and cons.

The best way to find the right tool is to try them out! Almost every marketing dashboard has a free trial or demo so you can get a feel for them without making a major commitment.

Additionally, some companies will work with you if you absolutely love their product but their pricing or access plans aren’t a good fit. Talk to your rep/customer support for more information on custom quotes and plans.

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