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8 Trends Healthcare Technology Marketers Should Care About



Healthcare Technology Marketing Trends

If you’re a healthcare technology marketer it’s vital that you stay current with the way buyers consume information and make buying decisions.

Here’s our take on some of the latest trends in healthcare technology marketing that you should care about.

1. Mobile-First

Over half of Google searches are done from a mobile device. Your content, demos, and website have to be optimized for mobile viewers. As a healthcare technology company, you need to be on the cutting edge, and foregoing a strong mobile experience will put you way behind the curve.

2. Content Marketing

Today’s healthcare technology buyer wants to self educate as much as possible before talking to your sales team. Your content marketing is key to making that happen.

By leveraging the inbound funnel with your healthcare technology marketing, you will put the right information in front of your buyers, at the right time.

3. Video Marketing

YouTube is the second most used search engine for a good reason. Your buyers want to learn through video. What aspects of your healthcare technology solution can you demo and explain through video?

Testimonials are another great avenue for video topics, as they are engaging and will promote your healthcare technology solution from the customer’s perspective.

4. SEO

SEO (search engine optimization) is a completely behind-the-scenes aspect of healthcare technology marketing that can be hard to notice, but the changes can make monumental differences.

Optimizing your website pages will make for a better user experience overall, as it will enhance the quality of the pages, and also format them in a way that is easier to digest - for the consumer and for Google.

Getting in Google’s good graces is the best thing you could do for your website. Making sure that you’re ranking highly for keywords, your pages are readable and organized well, and that your linking structure between pages is strong, will help your website go from okay to great in no time.

5. Influx of Millennials

As a group who grew up in the digital age after witnessing the tail end of the analog age, Millennials want to have easy access to information from anywhere in the world. However, they also value personal connections and require brands to earn their trust and their business.

Millennials continue to be one of the largest markets in healthcare technology consumption, and staying modern with the tactics you use to meet their needs will land you new buyers.

6. Voice Search

Current research has shown that the future of marketing is in voice search capabilities. From Siri to Alexa, voice search is becoming much more popular - very quickly.

Making sure that you create content that aligns with common questions your buyers would likely search (like “Best EMR Software for Dentists? or “How long does it take to implement practice management software?”) will significantly increase quality traffic to your site.

7. PPC Advertising

The benefits of paid advertising can be overwhelmingly positive if executed properly. Dedicating a set amount of money towards advertising on Google or various social media platforms can generate impressive return on investment.

Google Ads allow you to create campaigns based on your goals (net new demos, trials, and RFQs) and generate ads to show on google based on keyword usage. If you do the research to find the best keywords to match your landing pages, you can tailor your audience to your content and your content to your audience all at once.

8. Online Reputation Management

Online reviews of your healthcare technology can either be a dream-come-true, or your worst nightmare. Doing everything in your power to provide the best possible experience for buyers will increase your chances of having positive reviews.

On the other hand, making sure that you respond to negative reviews in a way that offers assistance and does not attack the buyer is a great way to be sure that your company has a good reputation, even if you have a few bad reviews.