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    How to Research a Healthcare Buyer Persona & Journey

    Unfocused marketing is like throwing darts while wearing a blindfold. You may hit the dartboard. You may hit the wall. You may even hit the bullseye, although that’s highly unlikely. 

    But you want to hit the bullseye every time. You waste money and time on marketing efforts that don’t connect with potential buyers. So, take off the blindfold so you can see your target. Inbound marketing for healthcare involves knowing who you’re marketing to so that you can confidently hit the mark. 

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    When Is a Paid Search Agency Worth Your Marketing Spend?

    Marketing isn’t easy.  Running a marketing campaign without understanding the time, effort, and audience involved sets you up for disaster. 

    Two things that businesses don’t want to do:

    • Waste money on marketing strategies that don’t work
    • Leave money (and customers) on the table for their competitors to grab 

    A poorly managed PPC campaign does both. 

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