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Can I Implement Inbound for Multiple Buyer Personas at the Same Time?


If your company works with a variety of buyer personas, you're not alone. Manufacturers often sell to professional buyers as well as design engineers. Two very different types of buyers with very different buying processes and motivations. They need to be marketed to differently, which often leads to the question...

Can you implement inbound strategies for multiple buyer personas at the same time?

Executing an inbound strategy for one persona is a big undertaking. There are so many moving parts, from blogging, ebooks, and social media to email, lead nurturing, SEO, and conversion optimization.

That being said, implementing an inbound strategy for two personas, simultaneously, is totally possible.

To Maintain a Faster Pace of Results - Increase Your Inbound Capacity

If you would like to execute inbound strategies for more than one persona at a time, giving them both equal focus and attention, at a faster pace of results, you simply need to increase your capacity.


If you work with a partner like us for your inbound marketing, you will need to ramp up your relationship. If you do inbound in-house, you will need to add additional staff to support the effort. You could also use a hybrid approach where your team is working on one persona while an agency supports the other.

Accept a Slower Pace of Results

If doubling your capacity isn't an option, you will have to slow your expectations of results. If you can't blog weekly and create inbound campaigns for multiple personas, you will have to accept that the pace of your results will slow down. 

Although you'll be watering down your efforts, if you can't ROI-justify increasing your marketing capacity, you will have to accept slower results.

Invest In Paid Traffic

Ramping the volume of traffic for each persona through regular content publication, is the most time consuming part of inbound. If you are willing to invest in pay-per-click advertising, you may be able to keep the pace of inbound results at a higher level. 

By paying for high-value keywords, you can drive more traffic that is directed to conversion-optimized pages on your site.

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