Happy New Year from p80

Josh Curcio


2015 came to an end quicker than any year I can remember. I can't exactly pinpoint why...maybe it's simply because I'm another year older (they say the older you get, the faster time flies), maybe it's because it was such a busy year for us here, or maybe it just went fast for everyone. One thing is for sure: as I look back at this year, there have been some big things going on here at protocol 80!  Here's a quick recap of some of my favorite!

Our Beloved Clients

There were some great projects in 2015. We are so fortunate to be able to say that our clients are awesome. We work with most of them in a partner role more than just a vendor. This allows us to get to know them very well, learn about their businesses, and play a directly in help them grow their business. This is hands-down the favorite part of my job and I'm willing to bet everyone at p80 would agree!

A sincere thank you goes out to our clients, partners and friends!

We're HubSpot Partner Certified 

HubSpotlogo-836091-edited.pngThis was a great move for us! We've been the inbound marketing Kool-Aid for several years now! We attended our first inbound conference hosted by HubSpot back in 2010. We knew the power of the HubSpot software at that time and made the final decision to move to the platform this year. This is for the good of us and our clients. As a Hubspot Certified Parnter, we can bring our clients on-board the powerful marketing suite and partner with them to excel at inbound marketing!

We Hired a Full-time Content Writer

We've seen businesses struggle with content writing for too long! Website content is more important than it ever has been in the past, but businesses still don't have the capacity to create effective online content. With our full-time writer we're able to offer content writing services to our clients and focus on the creation of awesome content for our inbound marketing clients. Ashley has been doing a terrific job for our clients and they love her! If you follow our blog, you'll quickly see her talent and joy for inbound marketing!

This was only a few things that stood out to me this year...I could go on, but this blog is about helping you, not talking about us! We look forward to 2016 and everything that it has to bring. We wish every one of you a very prosperous New Year!


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