Hey Manufacturers, You Have a Skilled Labor Problem

Ashley Wilson-Rew


You know where the next generation of skilled labor is hanging out?

The Internet.

We've mentioned before that the manufacturing industry is Internet-challenged and how manufacturers can get comfortable with the Internet (for the sake of their business).

The truth is, the future of manufacturing is online. The Internet of Things is already oozing its way into your machinery, the vast majority of industrial buyers are looking online for vendors and products, and the new manufacturing talent is growing up in the age of the Internet. You need to be online if you want your company to survive the new technological challenges that lie ahead.

This infographic states that only 18% of people view manufacturing as a top career choice. Part of the problem is the industry lag, and part of it is manufacturers aren't online - so how will the next generation be able to consider it a viable career choice when there's barely any information available and the industry looks like the city of Pompeii stubbornly holding its ground while the earth rumbles beneath it?

Manufacturers have to get with the times if they want to succeed. It's that simple. Get your information online, spread the word of manufacturing across the Internet - people who are familiar with manufacturing are twice as likely to encourage a child to pursue a manufacturing career.

Spread the knowledge. Reap the benefits. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Infographic courtesy of FMA International, MEP, and Grass Roots Marketing.


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