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How Do Pillar Pages Attract Customers?

Pillar pages, as they name implies, are a crucial component to an effective inbound marketing strategy. This post explains why!

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What is a pillar page?

A pillar page is a long-form website page that covers a broad topic in depth. It’s then linked to from a cluster of related content.

The core topic is something you’re an expert in. It should be a comprehensive and encyclopedic compendium for your subject.

The pillar page is also a hub. It links to related resources you offer such as blogs or infographics or any related web pages.

But keep the content informational. It’s important to focus on educating your visitors until they are ready to buy. To learn more about The Buyer's Journey, we have another post about it.

So how will your pillar page attract customers?

Your customer is searching the Internet for information on things they need.

When you create a pillar page and support it with a dense web of educational content, search engines are more likely to list your information first.

The higher you’re listed, the quicker your buyer will find the information they’re looking for.

This way, pillar pages serve both the search engines and the people using them.

Let’s go over a pillar page checklist:

  • Choose a core topic for your long-form pillar web page
  • Populate the page with educational content and links to related informational resources on your site –or even to other sites if they verify what you’re saying.
  • Add the page to your site’s main navigation feature
  • Place links to your new pillar page on your site’s current pages

Finally, maintaining your pillar page is vital for long term success. Regular updates will keep the page relevant, and therefore search-friendly.

For more information on pillar pages, like converting them to lead-generating premium offers, subscribe to our blog!

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